Top Real Estate Apps

Real Estate Apps that Make Your Life Easier

Real estate apps help Realtors conduct business on the move. While agents have different niches, the ability to be more efficient is a common benefit between agents who sell raw land or specialize in REO.

Sounds great, but many agents are overwhelmed by the many choices and miss out on the best apps for their business. Thankfully, there is a select group of apps that improve the lives of nearly all Realtors.

Dot Loop, FoxIt Reader 7,Cam Scanner and Speaking Photo.

1. Dot Loop:

(Collaborate on Documents and get Signatures)

Missing signatures delay home closings and add stress to transactions. Contracts are increasingly complex and the sales cycle for homes requires signoffs at many stages.

Enter Dot Loop, which is a collaboration tool that makes signing paperwork more seamless. This free app lets you upload documents and pre-assign signature spaces to get paperwork back fast. The result is no missed signatures and fewer delays to closings.

You create ‘loops’ that feature real-time updates to close transactions more efficiently. Agents can also tailor their loops for each transaction. As an example, lenders or title agencies may be in different loops for separate documents. Agents are able to quickly add documents to different loops from wherever they may be.

2. FoxIt Reader 7:

(Create and Convert PDF documents)

PDF is a common format for sending real estate contracts and other agreements. However, the relative security of PDF documents causes headaches when trying to edit information, such as adding, deleting and protecting information.

Solutions? Realtors are able to edit and share PDFs from their desktops or mobile devices with Foxit Reader 7. The free download is compatible with multiple PDF products, including Adobe, for universal convenience. You can add/remove text and videos to customize template PDFs to each client.

Agents and clients can fill in PDF documents from their mobile devices or desktops to keep home closings on schedule. E-signatures via Docu-Sign are included. Expanded capabilities are available with premium versions.


3. Cam Scanner:

(Mobile Document Scanning)

Document control is a vital part of real estate sales, which is problematic for those who do not conduct business behind a desk. Scanning contracts or other agreements is also crucial to closing homes on time and your income.

With Cam Scanner; you create high quality scans from your mobile device and send off to clients for fast response. The free version lets you customize watermarks, such as ‘Confidential’, to improve compliance and improve response time on contracts.

You can collaborate with up to 10 people on each document, which makes it easier to coordinate with title agencies, lenders and clients.



4. Speaking Photo:

(Narrate Photos)

Users can narrate 30 second clips of listings or comment on images of special features, such as a ‘gorgeous mountain view’. Consider this app to send listing presentations that are tailored to each client. For instance, the same style of home in a subdivision may appeal to clients for different reasons. Speaking Photo allows you to stress the aspects of a home that most meet a buyer’s needs.

Photo clips can be shared across social media platforms and a full preview of the images is available before posting.


Selling real estate involves a series of fast responses through a longer sales cycle. These 3 apps make transactions more efficient with tools that nearly any Realtor needs.

So, get signatures back faster with Dot Loop edit/create PDFs with FoxIt Reader, give each image a story with Speaking Photo and scan documents on the go with Cam Scanner. Your productivity will increase and stress will drop as a result.


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