Read This Before You Fire up Your Furnace for the Winter

5 Furnace Tips for Homeowners

Nobody wants to pay an expensive heating bill each month, but turning on the furnace is inevitable even here in sunny Las Vegas. The best way to handle your heating bill is to make certain that your furnace is in the best working condition possible.

Here are 5 furnace tips every homeowner should know:

1.  Consider the system
If your current heating system is outdated, it may be time to replace it with an energy-efficient model. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars a month to heat your home, you could actually cut that cost by as much as 50 percent or more. You may not have planned for this investment, but the money you spend on it can be earned back in the first couple of years from lower energy bills.

2.  Service Your Furnace Annually
Make certain you are having your heating system cleaned at least one time per year by a professional. While you can make sure the air filter is clean, a professional service person will actually come in and inspect the entire heating system for any problems.  This might save your life as faulty furnaces can send dangerous carbon monoxide into your home.

This can also help your system run more efficiently, which can lead to lower utility costs.

3.  Clear the Air Path
It is important to make sure that any registers and ducts are not obstructed. Blocking a vent with furniture is going to put a lot of strain on your system and could just cause your energy bills to go up. Keeping furniture and other items at a safe distance will allow your system to run more efficiently.  Blocking your heating cooling vents with furniture and clutter is the equivalent of blocking partially choking yourself.   The system runs on unobstructed air flow.

4.  Vents: Should they be open or closed?
If you have extra space in your home, the instinct might be to close the vents in order to avoid heating unused rooms.  There are two distinct opinions on whether or not closing vents negatively affects a home’s heating system. Some believe closing vents is OK, while others say restricting air flow can lead to an imbalanced system, causing it to work harder and, in turn, incur more energy costs.

Talk to your local HVAC professional to determine what the best method is for your home’s system.

5. Climate control
Consider installing a programmable thermostat so it can control your home’s temperature throughout the day. NV Energy is currently offering a free wifi programmable thermostat and free installation! You will never have to remember to turn your thermostat down before leaving your home as the system, once programmed, will automatically do this for you.


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